Feb.1968 : While still in senior high school

shihan sujoto started karate training at Malang city, East Java, Indonesia .

1970 : he assist his Sensei provide daily training and open new dojos at 4 cities at east Java .

1972 : Shihan passed shodan .

Since he was the first student to get shodan , his Sensei tried to apply the requirements of the necessity of doing kumite against all the participants who presence(senior members ) as many as 17 persons. Each bout for 3 minutes.

1975 : shihan passed his nidan .

June 1981 : shihan was dismissed by my Sensei , because I proposed to change the system of the organization from centralized become decentralized.

24 Oct.1981 :Sosai Oyama has its own ideas and does not agree with his sensei’s decision and appoint shihan as a Branch Chief at Semarang city, Central Java.

Sept. 1984 : Sosai Oyama appointed shihan as Indonesia Country Representative

1995 : joined Nishida group (IKO-2) and had already registered .

2008 : Shihan were Totally active at WKO Shinkyokushinkai

2011 : Elected as the President of WKO Shinkyokushinkai , Asia Regions . and still continuing his dicisions and passion in karate had gained more respect to the organization through these years

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