Nagashima Shihan was born in Iwata city Shizuoka Japan. In 1977 at the age of 18 he went to study kyokushin karate at Ikebukuro dojo headquarters of Kyokushin-Kaikan.

At the same time Keio University entrance to school in April, 1977 and become a disciple of the Kanagawa Branch. Four years later Nagasshima Shihan achieved shodan (black belt first dan).

Following which he competed in the thirteenth all-Japan championship in July, 1981. Shihan then was employed by Yamaha in Japan, his work then took him to Indonesia, where he was the manager of the kyokushin Indonesian branch with Mr Sujoto, in Jakarta from March 1988 through to 1994. In 1991 he achieved 2nd dan, then in 1993 3rd dan. Following which he taught as a branch manager whilst residing in the Netherlands until the end of 1999.

Shihan Nagashima’s motto is “Sekijyo jyunen” given to him by the President of Kyokushin the late Masutatsu Oyama, whom wrote his motto on colored paper. Meaning “I easily accomplish nothing, Not for three years, you must deal with nothing with a mental attitude, so as to bear it for around ten years”.

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